On my way

Colorado was a bit of a whirlwind. I was staying with friends and that meant I was with people all the time. It’s hard to sit down and write when you’re with friends. It was funny too, being back in the inside of a social circle. For most of my trip I’ve been alone, feeling like I’m looking at everyone else through a window. Like in Park City, where almost everyone at my hostel worked there. They were that unique class of young adventurers, into weed and extreme sports. I was one of only┬áthree guests staying there at the time. So most of the people there were employees and had an established social group. They were welcoming but it was still very clear that I was an outsider. And it’s like that to some extent almost everywhere I go.┬áSo in Colorado it was both good and bad to be back in a group. Nice to not be the only person alone at a brewery, but I didn’t get any writing done.

crazy hairWe did manage to go for a short hike. It was nice to get out again, it feels like it’s been a while. In true Colorado style the first half of the hike was sunny and hot, then the second half was a thunderstorm. It got really windy too, which partner will be happy about. He finally convinced me to get a wind shirt which became infinitely useful on this trip.We do this thing where he tells me I should get some piece of gear and I refuse to for months, saying I don’t need it. Then I finally cave and get it and end up loving it and using it every day. Then he gets to gloat. Well he was right about this one too, I love my wind shirt. It’s super portable and packs into a tiny little ball and is surprisingly warm, especially when it’s windy. So fine. You were right.

Fall is a gorgeous time to be in Colorado. I mean, it’s the only time I’ve been there, so what would I know, but as far as I can tell it’s a great time to be there. After our hike we went to Odell Brewing and had some really spectacular beers. They have a lot of great IPAs too, which I’d been missing in Utah. Utah has absurd liquor laws, if you didn’t know, so it’s harder to find a good IPA because they’re higher ABV. Odell is where I took the picture out the window. It’s annoying me now because it’s slightly crooked no matter how much I adjust it, but I just love those colors. I stop to take iPhone pictures a lot and I occasionally even pull out the real camera. I still haven’t gotten a card reader though, so I can’t actually get the photos off the camera yet. I know. Ridiculous. Soon, I promise, there will be photos taken with an honest-to-god camera on here.

After Odell we went to New Belgium. I’ve never been a huge New Belgium fan. They always seemed a little too corporate to me, but I’m glad my friends made me go because I feel completely differently about them now. The brewery has bikes and bike racks everywhere. I’m pretty sure every employee bikes to work. The whole place has a great vibe, a little bit like a college rec room. Everyone’s happy to be there.

The next morning I went running and was reminded that Fort Collins is at 5,000 feet. You don’t need to breath while running, do you? So there was a lot of walking. It was all cold and misty and moody out and I stopped a lot to take pictures (and gasp for breath).

thebridgeAfter that it was time to drop my friends off at the airport and head on to the next adventure. Onward!