Natural Laws and Indifferent Universe Bartender


I’m attempting to move my site to a self-hosted page and I haven’t figured out how to redirect this Wordpress blog to the new location. Yea, I’m not the most tech-savvy at this point. For now, here’s my new post on my new site:

It begins:

I don’t get this sign. I saw it in a coffee shop in Omaha. I got off the train at 6:30am after a restless overnight ride. I took an extended nap on the couch, then I wandered off into Omaha. I ended up in a coffee shop full of hipsters. Omaha hipsters were a little behind, hipster-wise. They still carried a hint of goth and hadn’t really gotten their ironic scarves sorted out, but they had the hanging-out-in-coffee-shops-all-day thing down. So I drank some strong coffee and watched the locals out of the corner of my eye. And saw this a sign on the door with tiny print at the bottom.  

See my new site for the rest 🙂 Here’s to a new online adventure where I (once again) have no idea what I’m doing!



2 thoughts on “Natural Laws and Indifferent Universe Bartender

  1. Hey Carol,

    I’ve subscribed to the new site, thanks.

    I agree that the universe is (probably) indifferent (Truth in Uncertainty! A freshly minted motto!) and also strange and interconnected!

    What’s an ironic scarf?

    How does Kati pronounce her name?

    > Omaha hipsters were a little behind, hipster-wise.

    Now that you mention it I guess that’s what I’d expect, but that’s a very cute way of putting it.

    Best wishes with the technical learning curve!




    • Oh wow, now you have me thinking about how to define this particular type of irony, which is perhaps beyond me. I think hipsters will sometimes make clothing choices that could look fashionable but they’re doing it in a way that makes fun of mainstream fashion. As in, I’m not wearing this plaid scarf to look dapper, I’m wearing it ironically. But now you have me wondering if that is actually irony! Kati is prounced Katie. Who knew 🙂


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